Saturday, July 4, 2009

Working on sheer plank

Sheer plank being removed. It was 23' long and nearly every fastener was corroded which made removing a pleasant surprise.

A Star is ReBorn

A little sanding brought out years of color schemes - sort of like a butterfly being reborn.

Deconstruction Continues . . .

I changed my plan a little to forestall finishing inside to remove toe rail, covering board and sheer plank to access conditions of ribs. The main cabin, head and forward cabin are close to being removed. Lockers are still present to starboard as well as bulkheads on port. Present plan is to have everything forward of galley striped inside and than have covering boards/toe rail and one or two planks removed. This should set me up for replacing ribs from galley on forward.

Notice the surgical cloth tape that was placed on the top edge of the sheer plank. It was tacked periodically as well.

How many tools does it take to perform surgery on this thing?