Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oliver Jones and Rob

Met with Oliver in March of '08 when I drove up to Connecticut to pick up boat stuff prior to having her shipped to Arkansas.

Main Cabin Inventory - Port

A little look at the pile of joinery, bunk and tank removed from the port side of the main cabin. Everything is marked, notes taken and pictures. It will be stored on it's own shelf and be ready to be used for patterns in the years ahead.

Douglas Fir Arrives

Lumber finally arrives from Fork, Washington for the future laminated frames. It took longer to get from Little Rock to Clinton (70 miles) than it did to get to Arkansas. It had arrived on Sunday night into Little Rock. I was heading out of town for the week on Monday so I called to make arrangements to have it delivered to a lumberyard in town. Or so I thought. A week and a half later - it arrived. Silly people.